Rave reviews

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A remarkable tonic. Complex and fresh, judiciously bitter and wildly appealing, a treat with still and sparkling water, but lock it in with a G&T and its happy days. The quality is through the roof here – everything in the right place. A landmark product in its genre.
2019 Drink Easy Awards tasting notes


Amazing and delicious tonic syrups. I am in love. Great product.
Marili Hellmund / @spirited_marilita

It was soooo good. Hard to look at a regular gin tonic now.
Belinda Bowman / @thepatronsaintofgin

Your syrups are wonderful. Real tonic water is brown. Get into it.
Richard O’Carroll / @roctails

Yours is the only tonic syrup we will buy. Just perfect. We’ve put a few friends onto it too. So good.
Shanti Stamp / @mrs.stamp.art

I really like them and so does Mr Man Of The House. You’ve got two really good products there and all sorts come to mind for use. It just so damn cool to use a syrup.  Stick with what you’re doing – its perfect.
Kori Sanderson / @cocktailsmandurah