Syrup twin pack

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The perfect gift idea for the discerning drinker to try our two favourite syrups.

Our twin pack contains a 200ml bottle of each of our syrups: the signature sin-kō-nah and kȯ-fē.

Our original sin-kō-nah syrup is infused with cinchona bark, locally grown citrus (orange, lime and lemon) and aromatic juniper berries. The result is uniquely bittersweet, distinctive for its deep rich colour and viscosity.

Our espresso kȯ-fē syrup is a new twist on the classic iced coffee (without the milk). 

Quench your thirst: dilute one tablespoon of syrup in 200ml sparkling mineral water, in a glass with plenty of ice. A shot of your favourite tipple is optional, but highly recommended. Garnish with a slice of fresh or dehydrated citrus and your beverage is complete.

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Each 200ml bottle = approximately 2.5 litres. 

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