Kȯ-fē syrup

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Our espresso syrup is a new twist on the classic iced coffee (without the milk).

Created in collaboration with Padre Coffee from Melbourne's coffee-obsessed inner north, kȯ-fē syrup is bright, bittersweet and balanced to perfection, with tangy citrus and coffee notes.

To make a turbo tonic, dilute one tablespoon of kȯ-fē tonic water syrup in 200ml sparkling mineral water, in a glass with plenty of ice. Garnish with a slice of fresh orange or lime to complete your drink.

Pairings that make this syrup sing:

Rhubarb, blood orange, orange, tangelo, tangerine, cascara, mango, marmalade.  

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200ml bottle = approximately 2.5 litres.
500ml bottle = approximately 6.25 litres.

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